Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grouse Creek

If you enjoy paddling and have never been to Grouse Creek, you should probably check it out. The public section, located within the Kaw Wildlife Area near Ark City is 4 1/2 miles of nice water, minimal portages, beautiful scenery and good fishing.

A hotspot for local floaters, you will most likely pass a couple people enjoying the cool water on a hot summer day. There are 4 access points available, which allow for short, medium or day length trips. This is a creek that is suitable for Canoes, Rafts, Tubes and Kayaks.

I have been out there several times and most of the portages are in between the 2nd and 3rd bridges where there are larger rocks in the shallow water. For the most part, the creek is consistently a smooth ride.

After passing the last bridge the creek gets a lot deeper, which might slow you down(not recommended for tube-type craft), this is because of the confluence with the Arkansas River. I'd say a casual float will take somewhere between 3-5 hours to course.

Silverdale Boat Ramp to 2nd Bridge = 1.5 miles
2nd Bridge to 3rd Bridge = 1.25 miles
3rd Bridge to Lower Grouse Creek = 1.75 miles

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